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What People Are Saying

We’re proud of the strong community we’ve built at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA). Hear directly from our parents, students, and alums how their time at OVCA has helped enrich their lives.*


My daughter endured extreme bullying [at a brick-and-mortar school]. The teachers and counselors at her old school were not equipped to help manage the horrible treatment she was enduring. I moved her to OVCA and watched her immediately transform. She became engaged in her learning. Her attitude improved. Her view on school improved, and I saw my child find renewed hope. This has changed our lives for the better. 

Andreanna, OVCA parent


My favorite thing about OVCA is the teachers. I have many teachers and they are so understanding. They are flexible with class schedules, always helpful if you don’t understand homework, and, most importantly, they care. If I’m stuck on something in class, they stop and give me their limited time to help me. OVCA isn’t just a school; it’s a family.

Raven, OVCA student


My children discovered a love of learning I hadn’t witnessed in them in a long time. We just fell in love with educating them at home and being a part of their education. 

Shauna, OVCA parent


OVCA provides a superior education. I’ve seen how my son has improved academically, and I enjoy the flexibility online schooling gives us.  

Ambar, OVCA parent


We have a career prep course that helps us to find out what we want to do after high school. It helps us realize our goals before we get out there in the real world. 

LaRisa, OVCA student

*All statements reflect each person’s own experience at OVCA