Meet Our High School Team

High School Leadership

John Warrior is the Principal for OVCA High School. He started with OVCA in 2020 but has been teaching since 2005. He holds both bachelor's and master's degrees from Oral Roberts University. Teaching is his second career. Two weeks after graduating from High School, he joined the US Army. He served in the 2/75th (Ranger), and in the 101st Airborne Division.  His first trip to Oklahoma was during the first Gulf War when he served as a Drill Sergeant at Ft. Sill.  He retired with a disability in 1999 and decided to further his education. As they say, "the rest is history." He is happily married to the love of his life, Marina. They share an empty nest with two awesome Dobermans, Thor (10) and Mushka (2). Together they all love traveling, the outdoors, hiking, fishing, and gardening. On top of that, he is not a bad cook.

LeAn Sanders is the High School Assistant Principal.  LeAn started her career in education teaching students with hearing impairments. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Tulsa, and then became certified in special education and taught for several years.  In 2006 LeAn earned her master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of OK.  She started her counseling career in 2005 and worked as a drug and alcohol counselor.   She worked in an inpatient program that specialized in eating disorders. She went back to school and earned her PhD in psychology.  The last several years she focused on being a special education teacher as well as biology and environmental science teacher. She enjoys being with her family and playing with the family pets.

Vanessa Bryant is the Lead Teacher for OVCA High School. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Oklahoma Christian University and is certified in secondary advanced mathematics. She taught math for six years at Carl Albert Middle School in Midwest City before coming to teach math at OVCA in 2011.

High School Teachers

Ashlea Babcock teaches High School Physical Education, Skills for Health, and Nutrition & Wellness. Mrs. Babcock has been with OVCA for 6 years. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Education specializing in Physical Education and Health. She is currently working toward a Masters of Education with a focus in Online Learning from Southern New Hampshire University. Mrs. Babcock is certified in Physical Education/Health/Safety through the State of Oklahoma.

Jessica Bain started with OVCA High School in 2020 teaching Personal Finance and Special Education. She is in her 14th as an educator. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts from University College London, a Master's from University of Southern California, and a professional certificate from University of California at Riverside. She has worked in Oklahoma and abroad and is thrilled to be in Oklahoma and part of the OVCA team!

Cara Bass teaches High School Special Education Math at OVCA.  She looks forward to seeing her students in class every day and hopes they can learn a lot from each other.

Brandy Brend is a High School English teacher who joined the k12 team in 2018. She earned a Bachelor's in English. Her degree focused on creative writing and literature. She has been in education for over eight years and holds a leadership role in her local homeschool community. Brandy is certified to teach Journalism and Secondary English in the state of Oklahoma.

David Brown started teaching Geometry for OVCA in 2019. He has taught for 15 years total in education. He really enjoys helping students become successful in math, computers and life.  He has been married for 26 years and has 3 children. David considers it an honor to give your child at least 1 years growth in his class.

Sharla Burgess started with OVCA in 2020 as a High School Science teacher. She has been in education and coaching for 16 years overall. She earned a Bachelor's of Science from Northeastern State University in 2002 and started with Bixby Public Schools immediately.

Erin Ceja After graduating from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Erin began teaching high school English in Tulsa County. Four years later, she is still doing what she loves, just now in the virtual classroom. 2020-21 was Erin's first year with OVCA.

Shannon Chambers has taught mathematics for over 5 years and loves working with high school students.

Janelle Cox is a 10th grade English teacher at OVCA. She graduated from the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, with a teaching degree in English Language Arts in 2016. She taught 3 years before joining OVCA in 2019. Literature and writing are her passions, and she loves exploring them with her students!

Pamela Dale has a Master’s Degree in Public School Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma--, Edmond, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Education/Vocal Music Education from the University of Central Oklahoma- Edmond. She began at OVCA teaching 11th grade English in 2018, and has been teaching over 32 years in the state of Oklahoma. Her career began at Edmond North in 1989. From there, she taught 1 year with Crescent Public Schools, 3 years at Covington-Douglas Public Schools, 1 year with Oklahoma City Public Schools, 2 years with Ponca City Public Schools, and 3 years with Sand Springs Public Schools. She has devoted her life to teaching Oklahoma's youth.

Sarah Farrar "is a high school science teacher from Yukon, Oklahoma.  After receiving her secondary Science Education degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2002, she began her career in Minco, Oklahoma teaching middle school science.  She then transferred to Mustang High School in Mustang, Oklahoma where she taught high school science for eight years and was a Cross Country coach for the Middle School.

Todd Fischer started teaching Special Education Math in 2020, with a total of 17 Years of teaching experience overall. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Drama/Speech Education and an Associate of Science in Biology. He taught 13 years at Talihina Public Schools, 1 year at Hartford Public Schools, 2 years at VanCove Public Schools, and 1 year at Roland Public Schools. He is an actor/writer/director, and performs at local events. He enjoys reading about folklore and mythology, and loves to watch just about anything comic book or supernatural related.

Paul Gilmore has a deep passion for the sciences and an infectious curiosity that he cannot wait to impart to his students. He received an Associates in Philosophy from OCCC in 2011 and then went on to complete a Bachelor's of Science Education from UCO in 2015. He spent 10 years working in the private sector before becoming a teacher, and enjoys making those real-world connections with students as well. Paul has worked as an educator since 2016 and a science performer since 2013.

Jonathan Gregg teaches World History. He earned a Bachelor's degree from East Central University. He has been a teacher and coach for over 20 years and with OVCA since 2015.

Tallie Gregg teaches English 9. She earned a bachelors degree in English from Cameron University. However, she spent half her college career at Oklahoma State, so there will always be home, too! She has been a teacher for 13 years and with OVCA since 2014.

Tracie Grunewald received her Bachelor’s degree from NWOSU in 1991 and a Juris Doctorate from OU in 1997. She received her OSDE certification to teach mid-level Mathematics, intermediate Mathematics, mid-level English, and mid-level Social Studies in 2007. She later added high school English, Journalism, and Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities - Special Education. She has taught at Guymon High School, Texhoma High School, and Woodward Middle School. She spent a long 6 weeks substituting in Pre-K.  Tracie currently teaches geometry at OVCA High School.

Katie Harris started teaching British and World Literature at OVCA in 2016. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Teacher Certification from East Central University of Oklahoma, and began teaching in 2014.

Catherine Heenan has been a High School Math Special Education Teacher with OVCA since 2018, with a total of 18 years in education overall. She has a Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University. Previously, she taught 11 years in Union Public Schools and 5 years in Broken Arrow Public Schools.

Barbara Hinkle has been an Electives teacher with OVCA since 2013. She has an Elementary Education Degree with an advanced Math Certification.

Shelley McGehee has been teaching for over 13 years, 9 of which were concentrated in Elementary until obtaining a Master's Degree in 2016 at East Central University in Ada, OK. Since then, her focus has been in High School Business Technology. She started at OVCA in 2020 and is excited about the new adventure. She loves when that light bulb comes on and she sees that Aha! moment in a student!

Randall Monson has taught World Languages and Mathematics at OVCA since 2011. He received a master's degree from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor's degree from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Along with teaching at schools throughout Oklahoma, Randall’s professional experience includes information systems analysis for large corporations in the U.S.A. and Europe. Randall enjoys teaching and being part of the evolving world of virtual education at K12!

Denese Noakes teaches High School Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Fine Arts. She started with OVCA in 2012. After having been a teacher since 1993, she took a 10 year hiatus to return to school to obtain two master's degrees from the University of Oklahoma: a master's in Human Relations/Counseling and a master's in Art History. She was simultaneously attending Walden University to pursue a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology while obtaining 57 Post Grad hours. Currently, she is taking classes in aromatherapy.

Rejeana Payne has been an educator for 24 years and is in her 3rd year with OVCA as a high school special education teacher. She received a doctoral degree from the University of Oklahoma. She plans to continue to build strong relationships with students and families each year. Rejeana strongly believes highly effective instructional strategies will allow students to make academic gains and provide them with living skills that will enable them to be productive citizens within their communities.

Madonna Pittman has been a  Special Education Teacher for 25 years in Oklahoma and Nevada. She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma, a master's degree from the University of Phoenix, and and Ed.S. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Karla Shane teaches Oklahoma History. She started teaching with OVCA in 2015, and was a Learning Coach for her oldest son for 4 years before that.  Her educational background is a Bachelor of Science in Education from Southern Nazarene University in 1995.

Danielle Stevens is currently a SPED ELA teacher who started with OVCA High School in 2020 having previously taught for six years. She has a bachelor's degree from Northeastern State University. She has taught in the Tulsa, Union, and Muskogee districts. She loves to write, even in her free time.

Allyson Stewart is a high school math teacher with certifications in everything from Psychology to Sociology, and Mathematics from 5th grade all the way up to 12th grade. 2020-21 was her 8th year teaching, but first year with OVCA. She is so excited for this new adventure in her teaching journey! She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree and received a master’s in Education from Southern Nazarene University in 2017 to earn principal and superintendent certifications as well.  So far in her career, she has taught everything from remediation to 6th graders, Precalculus to seniors, Personal Financial Literacy to sophomores, GED night classes to adults, and everything in between.

Ashley Vandenameele teaches 9th grade English.  She also has the honor of teaching the FACS elective. She joined OVCA in 2020 after 12 years prior experience. She has a bachelor's degree in English from Rogers State University in Claremore.

Bradley Walck is a High School US History teacher who started with OVCA in 2018. He has been a professional educator for over 40 years. He has four college degrees: a Bachelor's degree in History from Oklahoma Baptist University, a Master's degree in Teaching and a Master's degree in Administration, both from East Central University,  and he earned a Doctoral degree from the University of Oklahoma. He spent most of his time teaching at the collegiate level.

Jody Whitehead is an Algebra 1 teacher who started with OVCA High School in 2014 after previously teaching at Enid Public Schools for 10 years.  She received a bachelor's degree in Math Education from NWOSU in Alva, and a master's degree in Secondary Education from NWOSU in Alva.

James Wille teaches US Government and other Social Studies courses, as needed. He started with OVCA in 2019 having previously taught 21 years overall, with 12 years online.  Jim has a bachelor's degree in Social Studies Education from Oklahoma Christian, and a master's in History from The University of Central Oklahoma. Including classroom teaching, Jim was an assistant football and basketball coach at various schools. He also was a Youth Minister for a few years.

High School Staff

Sara Houchin started as an Engagement Specialist for OVCA High School in 2021. She graduated from NWOSU with a degree in Social Work in 2021. She graduated from OVCA in 2017 so is excited to be back and help the students here!

Amber Knoll started as an Engagement Specialist for OVCA High School in 2021 after serving families as a Community Family Advisor for 3 years Amber has 10 years of experience in Fundraising, Merchandising and Management. 

Pat Sanders joined OVCA in February 2014 as a part-time Family Support Specialist, then transitioned to the High School Family Academic Support Liaison position in October 2014. She work as a Student Support Services Community Family Advisor for 3 years before moving into her current role as an Engagement Specialist. She has a compassionate heart and loves to help students and families achieve success in their education. She has a Bachelor's degree from American Continental Institute in Business Administration/Accounting. 

Evan Warren is an Engagement Specialist for OVCA High School. He joined the K12 team in 2020 as a Community Family Advisor. Evan earned a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Katie McAskill is the College and Career Coordinator and has been with OVCA and ISOK since 2014 with over 20 years working in education. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education from Oklahoma Panhandle State College in Goodwell, Oklahoma. She earned a Master's of Agriculture from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. Katie has taught high school agriculture education and worked in post-secondary and high schools to help students with college and career planning.

Janece Pendergrass is the Graduation Coach for OVCA High School. She has worked for OVCA/ISOK since 2018. She previously worked as a Community Family Advisor and an Engagement Specialist. Janece graduated from Northeastern State University in 2012 with a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, and 2016 with a Master's in Education from the School of Administration at NSU. She accepted a position in 2012 as a teacher and worked for Tulsa Public Schools for six years until accepting a position with K12.