Letter from Our Head of School

Dear Oklahoma Family,

Welcome to the Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy. We are thrilled to partner with the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board to offer a state-wide virtual charter school.

As a publicly-funded charter school, Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA) makes it easy for you to be an active participant in your child's education. OVCA families receive a complete curriculum, lesson planning programs, books and instructional materials, and the guidance of an Oklahoma-licensed and highly qualified teacher. In short, everything you need for an excellent education.

OVCA is committed to inspiring and preparing your child to achieve the highest levels of academic achievement through the innovative, challenging, and research-based K12 curriculum. With this innovative learning program, OVCA provides an education that meets or exceeds state standards, and students demonstrate their knowledge and skills through the statewide Oklahoma Core Curriculum testing program.

While OVCA has requirements for grade advancement, the K12 learning program allows families and teachers to work together to help elementary students maximize their academic potential. Middle school classes are more synchronous, but still allow for greater flexibility than is typically possible in traditional schools.

But OVCA is not only about lessons. Elementary, middle, and high school teachers organize school outings to museums, libraries, and other interesting and enjoyable sites. These experiences bring families together and create real connections within the OVCA community.

We are proud of the achievements and outstanding parent, community, and faculty support systems that have been developed in other regions where the K12 learning program is used. We will be working toward these same accomplishments in our Oklahoma program.

Not only are we proud of our program, we also believe that it is a profoundly good choice for families that are interested in getting actively involved in their children's education. Business philosopher Peter Block once said, "Why follow the steps of another to find out where our dreams will lead?" At OVCA we are dedicated to helping our students follow their dreams. Our school embraces a collaborative partnership between teachers and parents, empowering students to emerge as leaders in the digital age. We hope to welcome you soon to the Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy community.

Sheryl Tatum
Head of School